GRAVOTECH, the Expression of Things. The leader in permanent marking and engraving solutions.

Gravotech designs, manufactures, and distributes innovative solutions for engraving, marking and cutting.

The leader of the Expression of Things

Humans have a unique quality: to be able to express themselves.

With the cutting-edge technologies that we master for permanent marking and engraving, we are giving this power to objects.

The result of the integration of pioneering technologies, we are constantly exploring new solutions to innovate and shape the future of the Expression of Things.

Laser, mechanical engraving, scribing and dot peen: we are the only ones to pioneer and master all these types of marking.

We are a manufacturer of machines, CAD software and Consumables with support all over the world.

We know the entire chain, from creation to production and service to provide you with the offer, best suited to your needs.

Gravotech was born in 2008 from the merger of Gravograph, Technifor and Type3 and unified under one brand in 2020.

A long story short

With our direct presence in over 50 countries, we always have a marking and engraving expert close to you to bring their expertise and know-how in qualifying your application, installing your equipment and training your collaborators.

With Gravograph and Technifor, we have had an established international presence for more than 80 years in the US and Europe and more than 30 years in the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Designed in France and made near you, our equipment is manufactured and supplied from our 3 production sites in Duluth, Atlanta (USA), La Chapelle Saint Luc, Troyes (France) and Shanghai (China).

Gravotech worldwide network

Headquartered in France, with over 85% sales abroad in over 77 countries
Over 600 collaborators worldwide
3 Manufacturing plants (France, USA, China)

Gravotech global presence

Products sold worldwide every hour


Subsidiaries (across 4 continents)



They Trust us

The Expression of Things is everywhere.

We are proud to be present with our equipment with more than 60,000 customers in the world, who trusted Gravograph and Technifor and now Gravotech with high diversity in size and activity, from our smaller retail customers to largest consumer brands, fab labs to professional engravers and largest industrial manufacturers.

While all our customers matter to us, you may recognize some of them more than others thanks to their exposure.


Our environmental approach

Our corporate social responsibility policy is regularly audited by our largest customers who care, as we do, for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly footprint of our activities.

A recent Eco-Vadis audit resulted in a score of 57/100. This is a result we strive to improve with a stronger focus in everything we do on our social and environmental responsibility.

We take actions for gender parity and equal opportunity within our company HR practices.

We reduce our supply chain carbon footprint by producing regionally to be closest to you.

We design our machines to be very robust and long-lasting.

We optimize the use of existing resources by taking back aged machines to give them a second life with our certified pre-owned program.

Read our 2023 CSR and EHS Policy


Gravotech qualities and certifications

As a major player in the industry, Gravotech Group is particularly concerned about the quality of its products and services and their continuous improvement.

CSR rating of 57: Bronze medal


Quality Management System certified ISO9001 version 2015
(Both manufacturing plants in France and German subsidiary)

anti-corruption compliance charter

Anti-corruption Compliance Charter

Read our anti-corruption charter

    The story of the Group


    Gravotech, the Expression of Things

    The group merged its three historical trademarks Gravotech, Gravograph, and Technifor to create Gravotech, and to evolve its brand platform.

    Our brand, recognized worldwide for its expertise in rotary and laser engraving applications, is embodying a new vision of its business, the Expression of Things, and adopts this concept through a new identity and a new website launched worldwide in January 2021.

    The Internet of Things expresses the ability of objects to exchange digital information with each other. The Expression of things reflects Gravotech’s core business of empowering objects to express themselves through the written word, images and associated digital information.

    We give the power to accompany the industrial digital transformation with the identification of manufactured parts to ensure their traceability.
    We give the power to inform by creating signage that is more adapted to the environment, its constraints, and more appealing.
    We give the power to satisfy the growing desire to put emotion back at the heart of items by personalizing them.

    Gravotech, the Expression of things

      Gravotech acknowledged as a “showcase of the industry”

      Gravotech is now one of 37 French «Showcases of the Industry of the Future» (Vitrine de l’Industrie du Futur), a label awarded by the Alliance of the Industry of the Future (AIF) to exemplary, innovative players committed to digitization.

      The Group was recognized for its «Support Center», a project launched in 2016 and which underwent major development in 2017.

      AIF notably underlined «the organizational transformation that enabled the implementation of digital continuity and the development of a service offer based on customer usage».

      Gravotech on the red carpet at the Golden Globes

      A new chapter for Gravotech

      MML Capital and Bpifrance are the new shareholders supporting Gravotech in a shared ambition where dynamic growth is driven by innovation and consolidation of the Group’s international positions.

      A new chapter for Gravotech

      Gravotech on the red carpet at the Golden Globes

      2018 Golden Globes party celebrated not only the talented actors but also the Gravograph M20, the chosen engraving machine which was immortalized thanks to speedy personalization each trophy.

      Gravotech acknowledged as a “showcase of the industry”
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        A new challenge for Gravotech, the Open Parc Tournament trophies

        The 2017 Open Parc Auvergne Rhône-Alpes tennis tournament is part of the prestigious ATP circuit; the event’s organizers commissioned Gravotech to design and manufacture the tournament trophies.

        The project was a first for the Gravograph brand and involved a dozen innovative technologies: laser cutting of wood and acrylic, laser engraving on wood, rotary cutting, metal marking, additive manufacturing, digital printing and metal-plating of 3D printed objects.

        A new challenge for Gravotech, the Open Parc Tournament trophies

        LS900 Energy wins SGIA «Product of the Year» award! (USA)

        Gravotech’s latest CO2 innovation has been recognized by SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association)!

        LS900 Energy, our new budget-friendly engraving machine, won «Product of the Year» in «Category 105: Finishing - Equipment - Routers/Cutters».

        LS900 Energy wins SGIA "Product of the Year" award! (USA)
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          Gravotech wins the export innovation prize

          Gravotech wins the export innovation prize at the 7th MOCI Awards for leading French SMEs in international markets.

          This award acknowledges cutting-edge, independent French companies that have achieved international growth through their strategy of innovation.

          The Gravotech Group was selected as the winner from among 1000 companies.

          Gravotech wins the export innovation prize

            3D innovations for smart, flexible marking

            Released at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 respectively, the 3D stylus and lens responded to the same requirement, enabling a machine to mark objects of different sizes by constantly adjusting itself.

            The stylus was designed for dot-peen marking and the lens for lasers.

            This exclusive Gravotech innovation resulted in significant gains in productivity and simplified integration for our customers.

            3D innovations for smart, flexible marking

              Creation of GRAVOTECH Group

              Gravotech Group was born following the merger of Gravograph, Technifor, and Vision Numeric.

              Creation of GRAVOTECH Group

                Castle Harlan Sells Gravograph and Technifor, Global Leader in Permanent Marking equipment

                Castle Harlan, Inc., the New York-based private equity investment firm, sold the Gravograph-Technifor Group, the world leader in the manufacture of permanent marking machines, devices, accessories, and related consumables, to LBO France, one of the leading private equity firms in Paris.

                Castle Harlan Sells Gravograph and Technifor, Global Leader in Permanent Marking equipment

                  Castle Harlan investment fund acquires Technifor

                  Based in Miribel (France), Technifor has built a solid reputation in dot-peen and laser marking systems for durable identification and traceability with the world’s major car manufacturers (50% of its sales), aeronautics and electrical industries over the last twenty-two years.

                  Annual growth of more than 17% over the last ten years had propelled the company, with its 145 employees and 8 subsidiaries worldwide, to more than 20 million euros in sales in 2002, 80% of which was generated outside France.

                  Castle Harlan’s management was convinced and keen to expand the product range of the world’s leading engraving machine, Gravograph New Hermes, which it had acquired in the spring of 2000.

                  Castle Harlan investment fund acquires Technifor

                    Castle Harlan Fund Buys Gravograph, World Leader in Engraving Industry

                    Castle Harlan, Inc., the New York merchant bank, announces the acquisition of Gravograph Industries International, the world’s leading maker and seller of machines, accessories and materials used in the engraving industry.

                    Castle Harlan Fund Buys Gravograph, World Leader in Engraving Industry

                      Launch of 3Design software

                      Launch of 3Design the full 3D solution dedicated to Jewelry and fashion accessories.

                      Launch of 3Design software

                        Launch of Gravostyle software

                        The software launched by Gravograph in September 1998 was powerful, user-friendly and offered several new features for preparing a job and having it carried out by a machine.

                        The software represented a real breakthrough in the engraving sector.

                        Launch of Gravostyle software

                          1st lamp pumped-laser marker by Technifor

                          As a specialist in the field of traceability, Technifor took a major step forward with its TL400 solution: this laser marking system provided power and precision that met the specific marking requirements for metal parts.

                          1st lamp pumped-laser marker by Technifor

                            The group settles in Asia

                            With Gravograph solutions first, later with Technifor solutions, Japan becomes the first country for the group to be present in Asia.

                            The group settles in Asia

                              Gravograph launches the UNICA

                              The first machine with an integrated control system.

                              The machine is a genuine revolution in the engraving industry.

                              Gravograph launches the UNICA

                                Gravograph is listed on the stock exchange

                                Gravograph acquires New Hermes (US branch) and is listed on the stock exchange on October 10th.

                                Gravograph is listed on the stock exchange

                                  The creation of VISION NUMERIC

                                  Intended from the outset to make pieces communicate through engraving, sculpting, cutting and texturing, the concept of Type3 solutions has evolved to include modelling and design.

                                  Having started with a single flagship product, Vision numeric quickly produces four independent software solutions:

                                  • TypeEdit: for CNC machines
                                  • LaserType: for laser machines
                                  • 3DESIGN: the 3D artistic CAD solution
                                  • Type3 CAA: dedicated to CATIA software
                                  The creation of VISION NUMERIC

                                    The 1st computer-aided machine manufactured by Gravograph

                                    This digitally-controlled engraving machine – controlled by a computer designed entirely by Gravograph (hardware and software) – greatly boosted the professional-engraver market.

                                    It enabled Gravograph to become the world leader in the market.

                                    The 1st computer-aided machine manufactured by Gravograph

                                      Technifor already inventing dot-peen marking

                                      Four years after being founded, Technifor, which was based in Villeurbanne near Lyon at that time, invented a new marking technology - dot peen, or “digitally controlled marking” – and launched its first machine, the CN 2.

                                      Some 30 years later, tens of thousands of machines have been sold in over 100 countries!

                                      Technifor already inventing dot-peen marking

                                        Technifor was born

                                        Founded in 1981, Technifor, inventor of dot-peen marking, is now the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent dot-peen, scribing and laser marking machines for the traceability and automatic identification of metal or plastic parts.

                                        Technifor set up an office in the UK in the middle of the 1990s.

                                        Technifor was born

                                          Gravograph was born

                                          Association between Norbert Schimmel and V.E.V. (Vitos Etablissement Vitoux) for the creation of a joint subsidiary GRAVOGRAPH whose object is the commercialization of mechanical engraving machines manufactured by V.E.V.

                                          Gravograph was born.

                                            Our business activity starts in the UK

                                            The business activity in the UK was represented by Vitos from 1946 until 1987, when Gravograph Ltd was founded.

                                            From the UK further expansion into Europe was next.

                                            Our business activity starts in the UK

                                              A new business venture: personalization

                                              In 1940, New Hermes set their headquarters in the famous landmark of New York the “Flat Iron Building”.

                                              With World War II, New Hermes did their bit for the war effort, enlarging the application to Signage for the US army.

                                              Strong market roots where set. After the war, the group expanded into new territory, personalization: Pens, jewelry, watches, ladies compacts, and flatware.

                                              New Hermes engraving machines flourished in shops, department stores and promotion tours, giving the brand new exposure.

                                              A new business venture: personalization

                                                The story of the Group begins

                                                New Hermes* Inc was founded in 1938 in the United States by a German immigrant, Norbert Schimmel and its business partner, Werner Dannheisser with a group of visionaries.

                                                Although engraving machines were widely used in Europe, none were available in this country. After careful study of engraving techniques, they created their own version and solved notorious issues with the European versions.

                                                Werner Dannheisser remembers this beginning: “This was a new product idea and we had to spend a lot of time and a lot of money in the development of the machine. In the beginning, both of us served as chief cook and bottle washer. We did everything from the paperwork and publicity to the shipping, once the machine was in production."

                                                They became the world’s largest manufacturer of pantograph engraving machines, making them simple, reliable and user friendly.

                                                This “pantograph” therefore laid the foundations of the future Gravograph Group, and these machines are still performing today.

                                                *Hermes: the ancient Greek God of industry and commerce.

                                                The story of the Group begins