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Online & Retail Personalization for Global Brands

Transform your products into unique items and offer an exceptional customer experience.
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Develop your brand image

Personalization is reported to increase product sales by up to 60%, creating enhanced customer loyalty, customer engagement and in-store customer experience as well as an additional revenue stream.  

McKinsey estimated in 2022 that personalization would generate up to €800bn in additional value in the retail sector through both brick and mortar and digital channels.

Gravotech’s expertise and experience will help you develop successful instore and e-commerce personalization programs anywhere in the world.

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Our expertise

With over 20,000 online and retail personalization engraving systems in operation worldwide with the largest global and luxury brands, Gravotech has the experience and expertise required to develop successful personalization programs.

Gravotech innovative in-store and e-commerce personalization systems are used in a wide range of markets: Luxury gifts, Fragrances and Cosmetics, Fashion, Jewelry, Homewares, Wine and Spirits, Sports and Leisure, Museum and Heritage. And more.

Gravotech offers both rotary and laser technology and is uniquely able to provide impartial advice on the best-suited technology for your project.

Wherever you are, you can rely on Gravotech worldwide support team of over 150 technicians in 54 countries for local support, training, and equipment maintenance.

Gravotech worldwide presence

Working in partnership is key to success, involving many Gravotech teams:

  • Dedicated Project Manager - Follows and coordinates each project from initial discussion to international roll-out.
  • Project Technical Team - Tests products and develops a solution in line with Brands guidelines.
  • Global Support Team - Tailors support packages to meet requested service level agreements.
  • Legal Team - Helps redact a Master Supply Agreement in collaboration with yours.
  • Production Team - Manufactures the equipment in the Gravotech factories nearest to deployment countries.
  • Local Sales & support teams - Organize deployment with your local contacts and provide training, service and support.

Throughout the process, regular review meetings are organized between you and your dedicated Project Manager

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Your needs

Including personalization in your marketing strategy creates a unique in-store customer experience, enhances your brand image and boosts the purchase rate.

A successful retail personalization program starts with a store team fully confident with the engraving system. Our machines, tablets and software are fully personalized following your brand guidelines and require very little training – even your customers can use them!

Your stores are special places where your customers should focus on the unique experience they are having. Our engraving machines are quiet, compact, and designed to be used as desktop system or integrated into bespoke furniture.

An online centralized dashboard allows you to monitor the engraving activity of each machine installed worldwide, helping you improve your in-store customer experience and develop your personalization growth strategy.

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Space is a premium commodity and transportation is key when considering travel retail and event equipment. Our M20 engraver weighs only 12kg and its transportation case accommodates machine, table and all accessories.

Choose a plug&play retail personalization system that can be set by anyone in a matter of minutes, and save time to focus on your business.

Our plug&play M20 engraving machine also meets the most stringent safety requirements, making it ideal for airports and duty-free shops.

Are you a multi-brand reseller? Our Gravotech software can offer personalization for several different brands with the same machine.

M20 in a travel retail environment

Productivity, reliability and ease of use are key to success for e-commerce personalization programs. Gravotech offers high-productivity rotary and laser engravers designed for fulfilment centres.  

Our purpose-designed e-commerce personalization software automatically retrieves from your ERP system the message and style created consumers on the website. No manual input: operators scan the pickslip barcode and engrave. The process is fast and simple, allowing the use of several engravers at the same time.

The ECOM KPI dashboard consolidates engraving activity per machine and operator for analysis and operational improvements.

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Our solutions

M20 Cube – rotary engraver
Compact, light and quiet, the M20 Cube is Gravotech’s bestselling personalization system. Three versions available:

  • Cube version: interlock protected casing for public-facing operation
  • Standard version: designed for integration into store furniture
  • Traveler version: supplied with a transportation case for easy packing and shipping

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WeLase – laser engraver
The WeLase is a compact and fully automated laser system, providing outstanding marking quality in only a few seconds.
It is designed for customer-facing retail environments.
Available with a selection of laser sources, depending upon application.

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M20 & WeLase for Global Brands

Ease of use and respect of brand image
Gravotech purpose-designed instore and e-commerce personalization software are designed to be used by store assistants and warehouse operatives without specialized training. They also ensure the engraving fully adheres to the established brand guidelines for a seamless in-store customer experience.
The in-store customer experience can be taken even further with Dedicace™, enabling customers to have their handwriting or doodle engraved on the product.

Real-time monitoring solution
The E-Dashboards connected to the engraving machine automatically generates real-time KPI data.
They provide you with information on machine usage, personalized products, used engraving styles and more, broken down per region, country and store. 

Gravotouch, the ideal software for instore personalization

With a team of over 150 technicians located in 54 countries, Gravotech has the experience and ability to support worldwide deployments.  
We offer dedicated global service contracts adapted to your specific needs and number of points of sale.

Our services include:

  • Installation into your stores or fulfilment centers;
  • Priority access to hotline support;
  • Ongoing training for your teams;
  • Preventive maintenance programs;
  • 24h engraving machine swap service.

Monthly reporting and meetings with our global service team provide a comprehensive and centralized overview of all your points of sales.

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