Acrylic star create with Gravoglas 1 for gifts

Gift engraving

Discover our solutions to create personalized gifts, whether in unit or in bulk, for your shop or your e-commerce website.

Today, it's no longer about buying the same watch or jewelry as your neighbor. The trend is towards ultra-personalization to assert one's uniqueness and identity. Don't miss out on the potential of this market!

Gift personalization is accessible to everyone (from independent artisans to large international corporations), everywhere (in-store or online), for all kinds of customers (B2C and B2B), and for all occasions – Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, corporate gifts, events, packaging, and more. The list goes on!)

Which gift engraving machine?

Our engraving stations’ compact dimensions and reduced weight make them portable machines, suitable for use in shops, events or pop-up stores. Our mechanical gift engraving machines dig into the material using a cutter or a diamond. The result is a carved engraving, without contrast that looks more authentic.

If you want to engrave all the way around rings and bracelets, opt for the M10 Jewel. For flat engraving of small items, the ideal machine is the M20. The M40 will be able to engrave larger objects like bottles.

With its sleek innovative design and quiet operations, the WeLase™ will find its place inside your point of sale. The LW2 is ideal for workshop or backroom use, as its productivity allows for quick engraving of items.

Laser technology engraves the material by heating its surface. This is a user-friendly engraving technology, perfect for both simple and intricate designs. The laser engraving is often naturally contrasted. The WeLase™ and LW2 are both available with Fiber laser source (for metallic materials), Hybrid laser source (for plastic and metal materials), and Green laser source (for reflective and heat-sensitive materials). The CO2 laser source, which is used for marking the majority of transparent and organic materials, is available on the WeLase™.

Our laser gift engraving machines enable extremely fast engraving, naturally contrasted, in white or black, depending on the material.

Our laser tables are recommended for e-commerce activities due to their large size. These personalization machines are productive, versatile, and capable of batch engraving  and marking a wide range of organic materials (wood, paper, cardboard, cork, glass, leather, stone, ceramic, rubber), plastics, and metals. They fit perfectly in a production warehouse or backroom. They allow for both flat engravings and engravings on circular objects.

Our laser tables are available with a CO2 laser source, suitable for transparent and organic materials, a Fiber laser source, ideal for metal engraving, and an Edge source, which combines Fiber and CO2 technologies.


What materials can be personalized using engraving?

Wood, glass or leather

On wood, laser engraving results in a contrasted, with or without a carved effect, unlike mechanical engraving which cuts into the material and produces a tone-on-tone effect.

On glass, laser engraving achieves a similar appearance to sandblasting. Mechanical engraving results in a transparent effect.

Leather can only be marked using a laser personalization machine. The result will be contrasted.

It is possible to add personalized engraving to items like picture frames, medals, bamboo thermoses, keychains, jewelry boxes, knife handles, beer mugs, wine glasses, wine or champagne bottles, as well as mirrors, coasters, boards, leather goods, and more.

Personalized photo frames

Anodized aluminum, coated metal, stainless steel, raw aluminum

On these materials, the laser engraving will be contrasted (black or white, depending on anodization). As for mechanical engraving, the personalized engraving is linear and reflects light.

It is possible to engrave items like knife blades, jewelry, keychains, thermoses, flasks, pocket mirrors, medals, and even lighters.

Do you want to engrave precious metals and jewelry? Find all the information in our comparison guide to choose the best jewelry engraving machine.

Coffee thermos engraving

Acrylic, PP, ABS…

For laser engraving, the engraving result varies depending on the type of plastic and its color. When using a mechanical personalization machine a groove is carved, and the result will be tone-on-tone, except in the case of a product with a coating.

It's possible to engrave items like keychains, tumblers, phone cases, baby pacifier clips, cosmetics, water bottles, pens and more.

Plastic brush personalized with name

Personalizing individual gifts

Offer your customers the opportunity to witness the personalized engraving of their gift in real-time, leaving a lasting impression! Using your personalization machine on-site  is a way to increase traffic to your store and encourage impulse purchases.

If you wish to prioritize your online sales channel, online gift engraving provides the ideal customer experience. The visualization of different fonts and symbols combined with the chosen item is entertaining, strengthening the bond with both the brand and the product.

Proud of their unique creation, your customers will share pictures and videos of their personalized gift on their networks, tagging you in their posts. The promotion of your store or e-commerce site is guaranteed.

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Compact laser engraver for shops

By offering a personalized engraving service, you increase your profit margins without modifying your product catalog. The gift engraving price is typically set around 10% of the item's value; a minimal cost for the consumer, who is sensitive to the high added value brought by the personalized message.

Personalized gifts enable you to generate additional sales, especially during celebrations (Christmas, Mother's or Father's Day, birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, etc.) when they are very popular. Providing personalized engraving as an extra option during these special times of the year is particularly appreciated as it creates life-lasting memories that friends and families will treasure.

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Heart-shaped keyring engraved with a rotary engraver

The M10 Jewel engraving machine, incredibly compact, is perfect for engraving rings, wedding bands, and bracelets. Its small footprint allows it to fit into the narrowest shops and workshops and to be easily transported to events.

Our gift engraving machines M20 (mechanical engraving) and WeLase™ (gravure laser) are ideal for flat engraving of various items. They are designed to easily fit in stores or workshops, thus enhancing the customer experience.

The Cube option for the M20 protects your point of sale from the generated dust and reduces noise, while the three large viewing windows of the WeLase™ provide a panoramic view of the personalization process.

The M40 features an open structure coupled with a spacious engraving area. It is particularly useful to add a personalized engraving to both large and circular items such as bottles and awards, and smaller-sized items.

Lastly, our laser personalization machines LW2 (laser station) and LS100 (laser table) are recommended for marking tall or wide pieces in production workshops.

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Gravotech machines for personalizing individual gifts

Creating personalized gifts in batch

Do you wish to offer a personalization service in batch? Offering personalized gifts in e-commerce requires equipment that can handle the volume of orders received. Gravotech laser tables can accommodate numerous items to be personalized simultaneously and are perfect for this purpose.

The Gravostyle™ software can be integrated with an ERP system to retrieve the engraving data entered on your e-commerce website. Typos are eliminated, your operators gain responsiveness and optimize their work time.

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Batch engraving in a LS100

Gift personalization in e-commerce is a way for professional online engravers to easily diversify their offerings.

Personalization services are especially appreciated during celebrations and enable e-commerce businesses to significantly boost their revenue in another aspect.

Engraving small items purchased in bulk is another way to generate substantial profit through personalization.

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Engraving on pens

Our LS100, LS100EX and LS900 laser tables feature large engraving areas ideal for engraving personalized gifts in series. Items can be positioned side by side within a template to further optimize production time; engraving can be initiated directly once the items are placed in the machine.

The technology in our LW2 laser station allows for marking speeds of up to 10,000 mm/s. Its automated door simplifies the technician's work, requiring only loading and unloading of the parts. Similar to laser stations, the LW2 can be equipped with an accessory for positioning repeatability: no adjustment is needed, and engraving can be launched directly.

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Gravotech machines for personalized gift in batch
Gravotech software solution: Gravostyle for computer and Catalog for tablet

Gift personalization software

Gravotech offers two software solutions tailored to a custom engraving service for your clients:

  • Gravostyle™ is the most comprehensive engraving software on the market. It features a wide selection of fonts and extensive design capabilities. The possibilities are endless: import drawings, monograms or photos, place engravings wherever you desire, and much more. Gravostyle™ suits all applications: individual and bulk engraving, e-commerce, or in-store.
  • Catalog is an incredibly user-friendly engraving software. Preprogram the engraving settings in advance to use the software as a catalog, and switch between items to be engraved. Catalog is dedicated to individual engravings done in-store.

Gravostyle™ and Catalog offer different interfaces; consider the customer experience you want to implement when choosing between these two software options.



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