Gravotech dot peen marking machine marking a Datamatrix code


XF510m: The precise and consistent electromagnetic dot peen marking machine
The master of marking Data Matrix codes, this electromagnetic dot peen marking machine builds upon our foundations with dot peen to meet the highest standards of precision. Your favorite metal marking machine.
    With automatic density adjustment to maximize marking speed and readability, automatic part detection and multi-level marking the XF510m performs at its best constantly. Fitted with multi-dot technology making it possible to carry out deeper markings, it becomes your go-to solution for direct part marking.
    Utilizing high precision zero-play ball screws, high rigidity guide rails, and integrated cooling the XF510m is designed to be bold and run problem-free in the most demanding of environments.
    Mark any type of 2D code, Data Matrix, QR code engraving, UID, GS1, Unicode characters safe in the knowledge that our ultra-precise M1L stylus will be providing unparalleled accuracy. Also use for aluminum plate engraving, steel engraving, VIN plate engraving, and as your favorite metal marking machine.

    Discover the XCOM, the connected touch screen controller which drive your XF510m.

Technical Specifications

Light and compact making easy integration and no compressed air required.

3 models available (L x W x H)

Cm: 158 mm (6.2 in) x 102 mm (4 in) x 275 mm (10.8 in)
Sm: 231 mm (9 in) x 195 mm (7.7 in) x 309 mm (12.1 in)
Dm: 331 mm (13 in) x 195 mm (7.7 in) x 309 mm (12.1 in)

M1L the high precision “one size fits all” stylus

A wide range of accessories from rotary devices, automatic Z-axis, to Shutters and Bellows available for the more demanding environments.

XCOM controller
with a color touchscreen and easily accessible connectors (RJ45, USB host, USB Device, RS232, Dedicated I/O, Safety (Performance Level d), User I/O, Z-Axis and Ethernet-based Fieldbuses)

The markings comply with international standards
Data Matrix™ ECC200 5x7 font DT05-89 ATA Spec 2000 UID SAE AS9132 NASA-STD-6002 MIL-STD-130 ISO/TS 16949 AIAG B-17, AIAG B-4 ISO/IEC 16022 AIM-DPM etc.


Dot peen electromagnetic
Main advantages
2D codes

Marking Capacity

Marking area max
Cm: 50 x 20 mm (1.97 x 0.79 in)
Sm: 100 x 80 mm (3.94 x 3.15 in)
Dm: 200 x 80 mm (7.87 x 3.15 in)
Material hardness (HRC)

XF510 Cm XF510 Sm XF510 Dm








Dimensions (L x W x H)

158 mm (6.220 in) x 102 mm (4.016 in) x 275 mm (10.827 in)

231 mm (9.094 in) x 195 mm (7.677 in) x 309 mm (12.165 in)

331 mm (13.031 in) x 195 mm (7.677 in) x 309 mm (12.165 in)

Marking area

50 mm (1.968 in) x 20 mm (0.787 in)

100 mm (3.937 in) x 80 mm (3.15 in)

200 mm (7.874 in) x 80 mm (3.15 in)

Machine weight

4.7 kg (10.362 lb)

8.8 kg (19.401 lb)

10.2 kg (22.487 lb)

Communication Interfaces

RJ45, USB(x2), RS232, 8I/4O, Process IO

RJ45, USB(x2), RS232, 8I/4O, Process IO

RJ45, USB(x2), RS232, 8I/4O, Process IO

Fieldbus (option)

Profinet, Ethernet IP

Profinet, Ethernet IP

Profinet, Ethernet IP

Embedded fonts type





7" color touchscreen

7" color touchscreen

7" color touchscreen

Operating Temperature

5° to 45° (41 to 113 F)

5° to 45° (41 to 113 F)

5° to 45° (41 to 113 F)

Available languages




2D Codes

Datamatrix, QR Codes

Datamatrix, QR Codes

Datamatrix, QR Codes

Power consumption rate

260 VA

260 VA

260 VA

Input voltage

100 - 240 V AC

100 - 240 V AC

100 - 240 V AC

Dot peen marking of datamatrix, text and logo

Will mark 2D Code, QR code engraving, VIN plate engraving, Dates, Counters, Variables, Text, Serial numbers, aluminum plate engraving, steel engraving, shape, logo, batch number, in all languages.

Mark it on metal and some hard plastics, the electromagnetic technology makes it easier and more accurate than ever.

Letters engraved with a electromagnetic dot peen marking machine

With the ability to accurately mark the same place with up to 10 impacts it is now possible to carry out clearer markings on difficult material.

This meets the depth requirements of most industrial sectors!

With just the one stylus the XF510m is a versatile and universal solution.

direct part marking of 2D Datamatrix code with the XF510m

Datamatrix code marking requires meeting the standards and appreciating the real-world traceability workflow.

The electromagnetic technology allows us to obtain a perfect reading of the 2D code in all situations: Grade A. Identical dot diameter.  Equal distance between dots. Can be read back from any direction with 0% error.

eZ150 motorised axis accessory

Discover our brand-new equipment!

The eZ150 moves the dot peen marking head along a linear axis.

The eZ150 is an electrical linear axis with a 150 mm stroke especially designed to facilitate the integration of our dot peen marking machines in industrial lines.

Compactness, multiple fixing points, horizontal or vertical mounting position, protection against dust, built-in limit switches: these features simplify your installation.

The eZ150 is directly connected to the XCOM machine controller, allowing a direct and fast programming without the need to set up your PLC system. It is a plug & play accessory: you just need to define the working mode depending on the dot peen marking model.

Combining the eZ150 and the electromagnetic dot peen marking machine allows the use of the “I-Sense function”. In this mode, the marker moves until it detects the workpiece’s surface, it automatically adjusts the required stylus’ height, and then realizes the marking.

Each part is guaranteed to be marked consistently and precisely from the first to the last one. This is a key option to mark precise 2D-codes (Datamatrix & QR codes) directly on your parts and to guarantee that they are readable.


This dot peen marking machine can handle more than 25 materials

PMMA, Acrylic
Anodized Aluminum​​
Coated metal
Gold, silver, nickel, platinum
Stainless steel​​
= Marking / Etching
= Engraving / Deep marking


XF510m: Technifor dot peen machine for 2D marking

The XF510m dot peen machine benefits from 40 years of expertise.


When Technifor invented the dot peen marking technology in 1985, 4 years after the company creation, this dot-by-dot part marking technique immediately appealed to all industries with traceability and identification requirements, as the marking does not affect the mechanical properties of the part.

The CN machine range is Technifor first integrable dot peen machines for production lines. 30 years later, tens of thousands of machines had been sold in more than 100 countries and implemented in international companies.

The XF510m was launched in 2009 to replace and modernize the electromagnetic existing range. Technifor kept the sturdy and reliable mechanics of the old machines and added new features such as an extremely versatile marking stylus and a communicative control unit.

Technifor's electromagnetic technology works without compressed air and guarantees identical dot diameters and distances: any 2D code can be read perfectly by an automatic reader.

Today the XM510m dot peen machine is used worldwide for all kinds of precise marking needs, especially in aeronautics. 

XF510m - dot peen marker