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Rotary and laser engraving on plastic

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Irreplaceable and used in all industries, from automotive, medical or to the general public, plastic materials need to be identified and traced. Gravotech is a plastic supplier and maker since 1978.

We produce 2-layer plastics, made from abs or acrylic, with different color finishes. Most of our worldwide-known brands such as Gravoply™, Metallex™, Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ or Gravotac™ have become synonymous of quality and are a reference for competitors to match.

Our wide range of materials included over 900 options, specially developed for engraving and cutting. “Surface” or “Reverse” engraving, laser marking or cutter engraving, all of our ranges are available in a spectrum of colors and thicknesses between 0.09 mm and 10 mm.

We have various finishes, matt, glossy, satin, textured, metallic, and brushed. The majority of our materials are compatible for digital printing. This is a guarantee that you will find the right product for your application.

Our ABS and acrylics are pure, and selected among the best grades. Each component is subject to a careful selection process considering normative and environmental obligations (RoHS**, REACH***).

From the production of technical plastics to the finished product, Gravotech’s solutions are designed and optimized to mark all types of plastic, both natural, colored, and transparent, boosted by multiple additives. Different marking results can be obtained depending on the plastic type and the chosen marking technology, foaming, color change, ablation of top layer, engraving, etc.

Rotary engraving on plastic

Gravoply Ultra range : small signage

Rotary engraving process uses a rotating cutting tool to remove material.

You can remove the complete width of the material to cut and create shapes, or only at a predetermined depth to create engraved grooves and form letters, logos, and graphics.

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Ablation of top layer of plastic : numbers

Plastic engraving sheets have been a long-time partner to the rotary engraving machine. Create contrast by removing the colored top surface of your material using cutting tools, and let the subsurface of the plastic appear.

Rotary engraving machines are very versatile and can engrave every type of plastic, made for rotary or laser engraving.

Swiss army knife engraved with letters

When a plain plastic is being mechanically engraved, the contrast is possible by adding colored material in the groove where the material has been removed.

Gravotech offers a large range of coloring, including paints and cold wax. Simply apply your coloring after the engraving to obtain a clear and durable contrast.

Dot peen marking machine engraving plastic part

Non-contrasted marking obtained by making close impacts on the surface of the plastic.

Visible marking dedicated for identification and can be done on most plastics.

Plastic laser engraving

Plastic dog bowl engraved with name

The structure of the individual molecules or additives, such as color pigments, are directly changed or destroyed through laser marking. A change in color or bleaching is then visible on the material, creating a marking.

The coloring is lighter or darker depending on the composition: darker plastics fade to white/beige in the marked areas, while lighter plastics fade to grey or black. The surface stays smooth, but this can be done only in specific plastics.

  • Photochemical reactions of the molecules of plastics.
  • Usually, special additives are mixed into the plastics themselves.
  • High-speed marking.
  • Surface marking.
  • Green or hybrid laser efficient on colored plastics.
  • Contrasted marking.

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Laser plastic engraving

Foaming is a contrasted marking only possible on certain plastics and is usually clear on dark plastics. The laser melts the plastic locally, creating gas bubbles in the material. As it cools down, these gas bubbles are encapsulated in the material, creating a thin layer on the surface: the marking.

  • Melting process.
  • Inclusion of gas bubbles or impurities.
  • High-speed marking.
  • Work on some plastics, especially on black plastics.
  • Hybrid or Fiber.
Personalized with laser engraver plastic items

Contrasted marking obtained by making color appear on the lower layer. Can be done on all kinds of plastics with a plastic laser engraver. Color and material removal marking is mainly used in coated materials. The existing color, coating and surface layers are partially removed and the base material becomes visible.

The layers to be removed absorb the laser light, the material heats up and vaporizes at the affected areas. As the surface layer and the protruding base material have different colors or the base material is often backlit, the marking becomes clear and visible.

  • The laser removes the top layer without damaging the lower surface.
  • High speed.
  • Green laser.
Optical unit marking (CE)

This engraving effect creates a non-contrasted marking. Can be done on all kinds of plastics. When engraving by laser marking, the material is removed from the surface of the component to be processed. The beam penetrates the surface and removes it.

In the case of transparent materials, as the material is simultaneously heated and reacts with the ambient air, discoloration often occurs in the engraving areas. This is a shadow effect in the depression, which depends on the transparency of the laser light and the penetration depth of the laser radiation.

  • Melting / Vaporization process. - Scribing effect.
  • High-speed marking.
  • Work on all plastics.
  • CO2 is the only solution for transparent plastics.

Which laser source for plastic engraving?

Laser plastic engraving

Marking interaction obtained with laser depends on the plastic category (divided up into thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers), their capacity to absorb the light and different wavelengths, the color of the plastic and the kind of additive used on their composition.

Our application laboratory can make free samples to help you choose the best technology depending on your requirements. We master all the laser technologies and we can propose them in High-speed Galvo systems or X/Y Gantry systems allowing marking, engraving and cutting on almost all types of plastic material and all parts sizes.

Our plastic engraving machines

Plastics lend themselves perfectly to laser marking and engraving. Our complete range of plastic laser engravers will enable you to carry out marking on many plastics, for a permanent result, with excellent quality and finish.

Our powerful and high-quality industrial Fiber Laser engraver performs precise markings quickly....

Fiber serie Laser marking system

FIBER laser


Integrated laser marking system for metal and plastic parts


The most complete laser station for permanent marking. From unit to small batch production to integration in a robotic cell. Compatible with Fiber, Hybrid, or Green source.

Front view of LW2 industrial laser engraver



Fully automated laser marking station.


Introducing the excitement of laser engraving to your business....

WeLase compact laser engraver



Small laser engraver for in-store custom laser engraving.


The LS100 is enclosed, easy to operate, and is a compact laser engraver. This compact laser engraving machine is suitable for laser cutting and engraving. This laser cutter is built to last.

LS100 CO2 laser engraver



CO2 laser engraver for signage, creative cutting, and personalization.


The LS900 industrial laser engraver, comes in CO2, Fiber, or Edge (dual sources). They're ideal if looking for a fast laser engraver or laser cutter.

LS900 co2 fiber laser



The large laser engraver that can do everything


The 1064 nm HYBRID laser marker is perfect for applications requiring a great versatility in terms of marking materials at the highest speed, from metal to plastic laser marking.

Hybrid laser - integrated laser

HYBRID laser


The best compromise between versatility, high quality and high speed to meet all your marking needs


GREEN laser marker is designed for complex and cold laser marking on materials not reactive to other wavelengths....

Green laser - integrated laser

GREEN laser


Direct marking integrated laser marking system - mark highly reflective materials and sensitive plastic materials.


Numerous innovative functions and features are combined into the LS1000XP, turning it into the ultimate laser engraving and cutting laser for intensive production.

LS1000 large laser engraving and cutting machine



Large laser engraving and cutting machine for high productivity


The LS100EX CO2 laser machine is a medium-sized machine for engraving and cutting. Its engraving area matches the size of ¼ sheet, making it the ideal sign making machine....

LS100Ex co2 laser marking machine

LS100 EX


The signage and small series CO2 laser engraving machine


    Rotary engraving machines remove materials using a cutting rotative tool. It will create a groove on the subsurface of the plastic that can be filled with colors. Dot peen marking machines offer non-contrasted and visible marking obtained by making close impacts on the surface of all type of plastics. It is well adapted for text used for internal traceability. It is the most economical solution with a low cost: no consumables, no tool wear.

    Lasertrace ™ facilitates the traceability and identification of all types of parts:

    • Internal traceability: automated production data marking optimizes industrial process and meet standards requirements.
    • Product identification: permanent marks give product information and use instructions and last for the complete life cycle.
    • Unique identifiers implementation: camera-readable 2D codes enable to track & trace every item.

    Gravostyle ™ allows you to easily create your engraving jobs.