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Dog and pet tag engraving

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A dog owner (or any pet) will always need personalized dog tags: they want to engrave their companion’s name on its tag and make it more secure by adding their address and phone number.

Extending your business to create personalized engraved pet tags by providing an immediate in-store personalization service will ensure an increase of sales.

With pet tag engraving machines the return on investment is immediate!

Gravotech machines can also engrave on any other pet accessory such as pet food bowl, kennel plates, collars, etc.

Discover Gravotech's dog and pet tag engraving machines

ABC: Simply choose your text, logo, the result you want, and engrave it. Ideal for newcomers to the engraving world and most engraving needs in the shop. Gravotouch: create a catalog of products and possibilities with saved preset Gravostyle: Advanced functions such as photo engraving, logo editing, handwriting, 3D engraving, whose software will enable you to benefit from all the best solutions and offer very advanced possibilities.

A large range of stainless, aluminum, or brass pet tags and decorative plaques are available. They are compatible with laser, rotary, and diamond-tipped engraving systems.

    Choose the right pet and dog tag engraving machine

    Pet tag engraved with rotary machine

    Gravotech provides a complete solution:

    • A pet tag engraving machine, laser or rotary.
    • Software tailored to your needs.
    • A large range of high -quality pet tags in aluminum, brass or stainless steel.

    Discover our pet and dog tag engraving machines.

    Large choice of pet tags

    Pet tags engraving is a very profitable business, the machine pays for itself in an average of a month!

    Create your catalog of product with saved presets

    Gravotech offers unique solutions dedicated to in-shop use: the machine is completely noiseless, and its reduced footprint and wireless connectivity will facilitate its integration.

    With our software ABC Catalog installed on a tactile tablet, the operation is so simple that anyone can do it.

    Gantry Lasers allow you to engrave a large number of tags at the same time when taking bigger orders from a website.

    Our engraving software can be interfaced with your website to automatically collect your orders and transform them into engraving jobs.

    Mosaic of personalized jewels, glass and perfume


    Make it unique, create emotions

    You are a luxury brand or an international brand and you would like to develop an exclusive in store customer experience for your clients, on your e-commerce site or during an event?

    Gravotech offers tailored solutions that will meet your needs. A dedicated project manager will guide you throughout the collaboration: discussing requirements, running samples on your products, selecting the best-suited personalization technology, solution deployment and user training.


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