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[Case study] Danfoss : Industrial part marking challenges


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With over 40,000 employees in 100 countries, Danfoss is a leading Danish multinational company specialising in heating, cooling, and machinery products.
Discover how Gravotech’s solutions succesfully acheived Danfoss objectives: enhance traceability, prevent counterfeiting and modernise its production line. 


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Looking for an industrial marking solution to prevent counterfeiting while automating your marking process?

Discover how Danfoss dealt with all their industrial needs with our solutions.



Danfoss hydrolic valve laser marked with the LW2

1st challenge: marking complex parts easily

Faced with complex part marking challenges, Danfoss was looking for innovative solutions for:

  • durability on oily surfaces,
  • multi-level marking,
  • preventing counterfeiting.


They ended up choosing the 2D Data Matrix codes marking method. Gravotech's experts led them to adopt a laser marking system with workstations – revolutionizing their working methods in the process.

Danfoss production line with LW2 laser station

2nd challenge: supporting production lines automation

In 5 years, the Danfoss x Gravotech collaboration has made it possible to fully automate the production line:

  • In 2013 Danfoss instal its first fiber laser to mark V-shaped hydraulic valves. It required an operator.
  • In 2015 the production line is modernised with the launch of the F-series and 3D Lens. Danfoss no longer needs an operator to rotate the part.
  • In 2019, Danfoss upgraded its production line with the Makino Flexible Manufacturing System (robotic arms). It allows Danfoss to take full advantage of the capabilities of our laser solutions, creating a more seamless and automated process.


Richard Wilson - Danfoss and gravotech case study

“It was actually using the laser that sparked the idea of automating the rest of the production line with robotic arms.”

Richard Wilson, Engineer at Danfoss

Results that exceed expectations

Thanks to the partnership with Gravotech, Danfoss streamlined operations, consolidating permanent marking, assembly, testing and packaging into a single optimised part marking process.

With lead times reduced from four days to one, Danfoss can now quality mark over 1.2 million valves per year.  

This collaboration allowed the company to cut down operational times, saving no less than 2,800 hours per laser –  – which amounts to approximatively 4 months of work!

Danfoss’s eight lasers can operate 18 hours a day, marking 1,200 parts daily. A single operator can now process up to 10 valves simultaneously, total marking each batch within just 45 minutes.



Gravotech and Danfoss use case mockup

This success story doesn't end here: Danfoss plans to extend this revolution, with Gravotech as their partner in innovation. 

Looking for an industrial marking solution ? You have specific constraints such as :
•  multi-level marking, 
•  wet-surface marking, 
•  counterfeiting prevention 
•  production line automation.

Discover how Gravotech’s solution helped Danfoss to deal with all their industrial needs.

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