Gravotech, the Expression of Things: Press release

Gravotech, Gravograph and Technifor become Gravotech, the Expression of things

A new identity, a new slogan, and renewed ambitions

Gravotech, an International mid-sized company specializing in marking and engraving technologies, is merging its three historical trademarks Gravotech, Gravograph and Technifor to create Gravotech, and is evolving its brand platform.

Our brand, recognized worldwide for its expertise in mechanical and laser engraving applications, is embodying a new vision of its business: the Expression of Things, and deploys this concept through a new identity and a new website launched worldwide in January 2021.

Why this change?

Simplify our communication to you and highlight what constitutes our core identity: business expertise with multiple technologies, materials to be engraved, proprietary design and control software giving objects the power to express themselves. All messages, on all objects and all materials.

Our new brand is the catalyst for Gravotech's deep transformation to review our organization, advance on our digital transformation and be as close as possible to our customers' applications. Gravotech's strength, foundation, and uniqueness lie in the diversity of our technologies, which enable us to find the most appropriate solution for all your needs.

The Expression of Things?

The Internet of Things expresses the ability of objects to exchange digital information with each other. Object Expression reflects Gravotech's core business of empowering objects to express themselves through the written word, images and associated digital information.

  • We give the power to accompany the industrial digital transformation with the identification of manufactured parts to ensure their traceability.
  • We give the power to inform by creating signage that is more adapted to the environment and its normative constraints, and more aesthetic.
  • We give the power to satisfy the growing desire to put emotion back at the heart of items by personalizing them.

Since 1938, each of our brands has regularly opened new territories to broaden the possibilities of creativity, engraving and marking.

Together, this makes Gravotech a unique company, the only one with such a rich portfolio of solutions and capable of positioning itself as the undisputed world leader in the Expression of Things, thanks to our teams around the world and in all sectors.  

With Expression of Things, Gravotech is building a new future, opening up new possibilities to constantly innovate and integrate new technologies into our solutions, the fruit of the technical and digital skills of our teams present in nearly 60 countries around the world.

A new identity

Gravotech's new graphic identity symbolizes the group's transformation: our roots are preserved and modernized to celebrate our rich history in all its dimensions. The logo has a finer line for more elegance, more precision, and to be more technological. The green, the Group's emblem colour, remains, becoming lighter and more luminous. This new identity builds on the brand's heritage to become iconic and create the future of the Expression of Things.