Gravotech dot peen marking machine marking a Datamatrix code

3D Stylus

3D Stylus: The most flexible dot peen stylus to simplify your process
The 3D stylus is a very high amplitude dot peen stylus that follows the refief of the part being marked. The tip extends or retracts at a very high speed and automatically adjusts to the workpiece.
    It can perform stepped markings on different levels of the same part in a single cycle. No need to adjust the working distance by moving the part or the dot peen marking machine head. It simplifies the integration and saves time in your production line.
    Direct part marking on cylindrical parts without rotating them. The dot peen stylus follows the curve of the part and keeps a readable mark. It makes it possible to eliminate the additional cost of installing a part rotation system in some cases.
    The perfect solution for automated production lines handling parts of varying heights or with imprecise positioning : the 3D stylus prevents any complex programming of your PLCs or a costly Z axis on the dot peen marking head. The machine caters for height differences instantly.

Technical specifications

A revolution in dot peen marking.
No adjustment, no extra device required and very easy integration when setting the final distance on the assembly line.
The marking head doesn’t need to move nor does it need actuators, the part marking can be made in recesses, hollows and hard-to-reach places.

The 3D Stylus also increases your Datamatrix parts marking quality and marks deeper, compared to standard pneumatic dot peen marking machine styluses. It ensures a constant direct part marking quality whatever your workpiece and your production line.

Available for the entire range of pneumatic machines, the 3D stylus provides the marking of very high-quality Datamatrix codes.


  Integrable range Column-based machine


Pneumatic Pneumatic
Compressed air pressure 2 bars 3 bars
Working distance 2-18 mm 2-18 mm
Robustness Strengthened bearings, reinforced bushings and carbide tip Strengthened bearings, reinforced bushings and carbide tip
Available tip angles 60 - 90 - 120°

60 - 90 - 120°

Range compatibility

XF510p and XE510p in all sizes

Impact p, Impact eZp



Noise is reduced when compared to any other pneumatic stylus during parts marking.

More than three times less air consumption than any other pneumatic stylus.

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