Laser nozzle mounted on an LS 100 while cutting acrylic

Laser nozzle

Laser nozzle, quality cutting and cleanliness
Laser nozzle to help you with your cutting jobs and to protect the lens of your laser engraving machine.

With a 5 mm outlet diameter, this accessory is perfect for blowing smoke and dust with precision while protecting the lens. This means that the lens needs to be cleaned less often and its life span is improved. It also means that the laser power is more steady.


Generally used for acrylic cutting, the laser nozzle allows the cutting process to cool the workpiece more uniformly while assisting in the escape of material as fumes and particles. This results in a smoother edge to the cut piece.


The laser nozzle is mounted on the laser lens. No tools are required to tighten the accessory or connect it to the air assist.
The air assist is connected by a copper tube and an O-ring to the back of the lens. While the nozzle is attached by a hand screw at the front.

Technical specifications

While laser engraving, the laser nozzle point the air assist in the axis of the laser beam to avoid dust in the surrounded engraving.

While laser cutting, precisely cool down the material during the cutting process in order to avoid fire outbreaks and ensure a perfect cutting edges quality.

Combine laser nozzle with Air Assist function and a laser cutting bed for the best cutting quality result.

Machine compatibility

  • LS100
  • LS100EX (CO2 sources only)

Part number

Ref. 85294